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Milano Verticale-Una Asti Architetti

Milano Verticale | Una

Milano Verticale | Una The existing building at 6, Via De Cristoforis – consisting of two units and arranged in an “L” shape – has been converted into a contemporary hotel with high performance standards. The project – characterized by…
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Pola 4 Asti Architetti

Pola 4

Pola 4 This redevelopment and enhancement action for a residential property in Milan at 4, Via Pola, in the Isola district, which is currently undergoing renovation, has re-designed the entire six-storey building for residential use: five floors are aligned above…
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Alserio 10 Asti Architetti

Alserio 10

ALSERIO 10 The project of Asti Architetti starts by changing the use classification of the building, from offices to residences, to begin redevelopment and enhancement of the entire block, to create a new building with organic, fluid forms featuring 66…
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Largo Augusto 1 Asti Architetti

Largo Augusto 1

LARGO AUGUSTO 1 Image restyling and high architectural performance are key features of the new headquarters of an Italian bank on the corner of Largo Augusto and Largo Bersaglieri. An intervention of re-functionalisation and general and massive “recladding” which, in spite…
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Santa Margherita 12 Asti Architetti

Santa Margherita 12

Santa Margherita 12 Former headquarters of the Banco di Sicilia in Via Santa Margherita 12, the major work of the architect Carlo Polli, who did not get to see its completino in 1951, this building is a balanced composition of different…
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Boezio 20 Asti Architetti

Boezio 20

SEVERINO BOEZIO 20 A new residential complex built on the site of the abandoned Ata Hotel in Viale Severino Boezio, in front of the new urban center City Life and a step away from the historic “Portello”: a total of…
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Filzi 29 Asti Architetti

Filzi 29

FILZI 29 The building, which has today an executive function, modifies the previous one, now dated, with a contemporary redesign and light fading volumes which were added to the old structure of the 1930s: large glass windows with high thermal…
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Torino Palla Lupetta Asti Architetti

Torino Palla Lupetta

Torino Palla Lupetta To create a symbolic building in order to redevelop an “urban void” in the heart of the Milan Old Town. A decisive and contemporary sign that would reassemble the existing fabric and interact with the strongly characterized and…
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Bellotti 2 Asti Architetti

Bellotti 2

BELLOTTI 2 A simple 1960s architecture of poor quality, is the object of general volumetric re design with the creation of a new building on the side of Via Bellotti. The new complex consists of basic volumes: a whitewashed tower…
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Pola 2 Asti Architetti

Pola 2

Pola 2 A global renovation of a building for residential use through the redevelopment of all common areas, reorganization of the floor layouts into new residential units in line with modern housing needs and implementation of energy performance. The peculiarity…
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