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Torino Palla Lupetta Asti Architetti

Torino Palla Lupetta

Torino Palla Lupetta To create a symbolic building in order to redevelop an “urban void” in the heart of the Milan Old Town. A decisive and contemporary sign that would reassemble the existing fabric and interact with the strongly characterized and…

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Petrarca 20 Asti Architetti

Petrarca 20

Petrarca 20 Built by engineer Antonio Bellani in 1898, and meant for residential and industrial use, the remarkable building stands out  as a qualifying element within the highly historicized urban block where it is located. the new owner commissioned Asti…

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Bellotti 2 Asti Architetti

Bellotti 2

BELLOTTI 2 A simple 1960s architecture of poor quality, is the object of general volumetric re design with the creation of a new building on the side of Via Bellotti. The new complex consists of basic volumes: a whitewashed tower…

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Pola 2 Asti Architetti

Pola 2

Pola 2 A global renovation of a building for residential use through the redevelopment of all common areas, reorganization of the floor layouts into new residential units in line with modern housing needs and implementation of energy performance. The peculiarity…

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Del Bollo 6 Asti Architetti

Del Bollo 6

Del Bollo 6 An important global redevelopment and extraordinary maintenance of the building including the recovery of the attics. An intervention of renovation of the entire eighteenth-century system of façades and internal courtyards, of the common areas, as well as the…

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