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Foro Buonaparte 16 Asti Architetti

Foro Buonaparte 16

FORO BUONAPARTE 16 The building of Foro Bonaparte 16,  is an imposing palace in Milanese rococo style dating back to 1884. It features nine floors above ground plus basement, a former important site of citybank now obsolete and energyconsuming, that…

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Copernico 38 Asti Architetti

Copernico 38

COPERNICO 38 Three different structures are transformed into a single multifunctional agglomeration with a global redesign of the façades and the internal distribution system is a must. Therefore, the old façades are revisited through the juxtaposition of a glass and…

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Torino 44 Asti Architetti

Torino 44

Torino 44 Set in one of the most commercial streets of the center, the total redevelopment and extraordinary maintenance has affected the entire building with a respectful maquillage of the external fronts as well as the re design of all…

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Meda 3-5 Asti Architetti

Meda 3-5

Meda 3-5 A general redevelopment of a building of the early twentieth century, eight floors above ground with mixed use destination, designed by architect Pier Giulio Magistretti. Although the property was not subject to any kind of restriction, the whole…

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