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Lunini 11 Asti Architetti

Luini 11

LUINI 11 The general redevelopment of the building on the corner of Via Luini and Via Vigna (with the recovery of an additional floor) was based on a harmonious insertion of the architecture within the context through the re design of…

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Largo Augusto 1 Asti Architetti

Largo Augusto 1

LARGO AUGUSTO 1 Image restyling and high architectural performance are key features of the new headquarters of an Italian bank on the corner of Largo Augusto and Largo Bersaglieri. An intervention of re-functionalisation and general and massive “recladding” which, in spite…

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Cordusio 1 Asti Architetti

Cordusio 1

CORDUSIO 1 The intervention consisted in the conservative and historical restoration of the pink stone external façades of the old Palazzo delle Poste and, on the other hand, in a general modernization of spaces and internal connections in line with…

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Durini 16-18 Asti Architetti

Durini 16-18

DURINI 16-17 It is mainly intended for executive use and consists of three main structures which enclose a courtyard with a dome at the centre. On one hand the design choice aimed to restore homogeneity to the complex by means…

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