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Moscova 58-47 Asti Architetti

Moscova 58-47

Moscova 58/47 On one side there is the building at number 58, via della Moscova, on the other side there is number 47, both used as residences and commercial activities. Two buildings that, are positioned one in front of the…

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Premuda 27 Asti Architetti

Premuda 27

Premuda 27/Biancamaria 28 Transformation for residential use, with commercial activities on the ground floor, is the key feature of the former office building. The project was carried by Asti Architetti by revolutionizing the original image with a complete makeover of…

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Manzoni 38 Asti Architetti

Manzoni 38

Manzoni 38 A full redevelopment of a prestigious early twentieth century building in the historic block between the Manzoni and Borgospesso streets. Rigorous conservative refreshing for the external façades, more extensive inside, on common and private fronts and areas, with…

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Manin 3-5 Asti Architetti

Manin 3-5

Manin 3-5 An extraordinary maintenance for the entire building between Manin and Turati streets with partial change of use destination and renovation of the attics. An intervention of architectural “mimesis” without evident variations in the façade design and with utmost…

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Borgospesso 15 Asti Architetti

Borgospesso 15

Borgospesso 15 A global redevelopment of retail and directional properties. The fronts, common areas and internal courtyards have been redesigned and entirely redeveloped according to the current needs of the spaces provided for these uses and to make the most of…

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