Moscova 58/47

On one side there is the building at number 58, via della Moscova, on the other side there is number 47, both used as residences and commercial activities. Two buildings that, are positioned one in front of the other and interact with each other, thereby forming a sort of propylaea at the end of Via della Moscova. The first building at number 58 consists of two structures: eight floors above ground and two basements overlooking Largo La Foppa, plus six others overlooking Via della Moscova.
The façades are marked by an orderly and linear design, in vertical bands of trachyte alternating with homogeneous plaster surfaces. Set beyond the street, the renovated façade of the building at number 47 claims, in the design and mix of materials used, its identity which is made more gritty and contemporary.
Moscova 58-47 Asti Architetti