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Liberty Tower Asti Architetti

Liberty Tower

LIBERTY TOWER An intervention of total redevelopment of a historical Milanese architecture of the 1950s – overlooking the elegant Liberty square a stone’s throw from the Duomo – with a mixed destination: retail and executive. The importance of the original building, the…
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Largo Augusto 1 Asti Architetti

Largo Augusto 1

LARGO AUGUSTO 1 Image restyling and high architectural performance are key features of the new headquarters of an Italian bank on the corner of Largo Augusto and Largo Bersaglieri. An intervention of re-functionalisation and general and massive “recladding” which, in spite…
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Durini 16-18 Asti Architetti

Durini 16-18

DURINI 16-17 It is mainly intended for executive use and consists of three main structures which enclose a courtyard with a dome at the centre. On one hand the design choice aimed to restore homogeneity to the complex by means…
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Filzi 29 Asti Architetti

Filzi 29

FILZI 29 The building, which has today an executive function, modifies the previous one, now dated, with a contemporary redesign and light fading volumes which were added to the old structure of the 1930s: large glass windows with high thermal…
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Sandro Sandri 1 Asti Architetti

Sandro Sandri 1

Sandro Sandri 1 A global redevelopment of the entire valuable historic building transformed from tertiary to residential use. While preserving the architectural aspect of the building, the common areas and the floor layouts were remodelled to create units for residential and executive…
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Borgospesso 15 Asti Architetti

Borgospesso 15

Borgospesso 15 A global redevelopment of retail and directional properties. The fronts, common areas and internal courtyards have been redesigned and entirely redeveloped according to the current needs of the spaces provided for these uses and to make the most of…
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Maria Teresa 11 - Santo'Orsola 8 Asti Architetti

Maria Teresa 11 – Sant’Orsola 8

MARIA TERESA 11 – SANT’ORSOLA 8 The project redesigns as residential and office destination the entire block between Via Morigi, Via Maria Teresa and Via Sant’Orsola, occupied by an architecture of little value dating back to the Sixties. Paolo Asti…
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