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Torre Velasca in ristrutturazione - Asti Architetti

Velasca Tower

Velasca Tower After over two years of planning by the ASTI ARCHITETTI studio – in constant touch with Hines and the Soprintendenza Archeologica, Belle Arti e Paesaggio (Superintendecy of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape) – and after 20 months of…

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Asti Architetti Il Libro

Asti Architetti – The Book

Asti Architetti – The Book The volume documents the work of Studio Asti which, since the early 2000s, has been working in the city of Milan with a dual intention: to create new projects and to give new life to…

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Spiga 5

Spiga 5 Asti Architetti has designed the project for the building in Via della Spiga, home to Ralph Lauren’s elegant flagship store The sober and “gentle” elegance of the approach to the urban architectural fabric – a recurring feature of…

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Ceresio 7-9

Ceresio 7-9 Asti Architetti has renovated and converted into office space the old A2A building in Via Ceresio 7/9 next to the new headquarters of the Associazione per il Disegno Industriale – ADI. In Milan, as part of the project…

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Anteprima News Biennale Sessions 2021-Asti-Architetti

Biennale Sessions

BIENNALE SESSIONS BIENNALE ARCHITETTURA 2021, Biennale Sessions, Venezia, Arsenale Paolo Asti at the Biennale Sessionsof 17. International Architecture Exhibition, Howwillwe live together? Curated by Hashim Sarkis, took part attheseminar Quartieri Milano(Milan Neighborhoods) organized by Alessandra Coppa professor of Storia e…

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Alserio 10 News Asti Architetti 02.jpg

Alserio 10

ALSERIO 10 Asti Architetti completes the design of a residential complex featuring organic, fluid forms in the dynamic Milan Isola district. In the new project at 10 Via Alserio, Milan, Asti Architetti starts by changing the use classification of the…

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Moscova 33 Asti Architetti

Moscova 33

MOSCOVA 33 Asti Architetti redevelops a significant “piece” of the city of Milan with a project that defines a large part of the block, steeped in history, set between via Moscova and via Solferino Work is nearing completion on the…

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Milano Verticale - Una esperienze 4S

Vertical Milan | UNA 4*S Experiences

Vertical Milan | UNA 4*S Experiences Asti Architetti has converted the existing building at 6 Via De Cristoforis – consisting of two units and arranged in an ‘L’ shape – into a contemporary, high-performance hotel that is scheduled to open…

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Liberty Tower Milano Asti Architetti

Liberty Tower

LIBERTY TOWER Asti Architetti and Hines Italy breathe new life into the iconic TorreTirrena, designed by the Soncini brothers in Piazza Liberty in 1950s Milan. Paolo Asti’s “gentle” restyling of the historic Torre Tirrena, now called Liberty Tower, was completed…

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