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Nizzoli 8 Preview News Asti Architetti

Nizzoli 8

Asti Architetti redesigned the post-modern block in Via Nizzoli, changing its use from office to residential, with large terraces and green technologies. The building is named after the architectural firm that designed it in 1981, and also after one of…

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Piazza Velasca

Piazza Velasca A new identity for Piazza Velasca, the subject of a renovation project by ASTI ARCHITETTI, developed by HINES: it will become a new pedestrian-friendly zone, a green area suitable for the city and its citizens. The historic Torre…

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Park Tower Asti Architetti

Park Tower

Park Tower CRESCENZAGO 105 Start of work: Excavation work in progress End of work: June 2024 Asti Architetti will build in Crescenzago a residential complex consisting of two towers, a three-storey building and a garden, with the aim of reconnecting…

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Report 2022

REPORT 2022 Asti Architetti ranked 15th in the Report 2022 of italian architecture companies. “A collective result that represents the team game and the passion with which every day we try to design a part of the city”, said Paolo…

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Melzi d’Eril 34

MELZI d’ERIL 34 Asti Architetti designs a futuristic “campus” workspace in the Parco Sempione area to merge past and future in the name of “milanesità” (the Milanese style). In the Parco Sempione area, Asti Architetti has just completed an innovative…

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Torre Velasca in ristrutturazione - Asti Architetti

Velasca Tower

Velasca Tower After over two years of planning by the ASTI ARCHITETTI studio – in constant touch with Hines and the Soprintendenza Archeologica, Belle Arti e Paesaggio (Superintendecy of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape) – and after 20 months of…

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Spiga 5

Spiga 5 Asti Architetti has designed the project for the building in Via della Spiga, home to Ralph Lauren’s elegant flagship store The sober and “gentle” elegance of the approach to the urban architectural fabric – a recurring feature of…

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Ceresio 7-9

Ceresio 7-9 Asti Architetti has renovated and converted into office space the old A2A building in Via Ceresio 7/9 next to the new headquarters of the Associazione per il Disegno Industriale – ADI. In Milan, as part of the project…

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