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Spiga 5

Spiga 5 The sober and “gentle” elegance of the approach to the urban architectural is combined with the unmistakable style of Ralph Lauren in the project for the new flagship store recently opened in Via della Spiga. Ralph Lauren chose…

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Moscova 33 Asti Architetti

Moscova 33

Moscova 33 Asti Architetti has redeveloped in Milan a large part of the block between Via Solferino and 33, Via Moscova which, from a late nineteenth-century headquarters for the Società Cooperativa delle Sete (Silk cooperative society), was converted into a…

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Lunini 11 Asti Architetti

Luini 11

LUINI 11 The general redevelopment of the building on the corner of Via Luini and Via Vigna (with the recovery of an additional floor) was based on a harmonious insertion of the architecture within the context through the re design of…

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Cordusio 1 Asti Architetti

Cordusio 1

CORDUSIO 1 The intervention consisted in the conservative and historical restoration of the pink stone external façades of the old Palazzo delle Poste and, on the other hand, in a general modernization of spaces and internal connections in line with…

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Santa Margherita 12 Asti Architetti

Santa Margherita 12

Santa Margherita 12 Former headquarters of the Banco di Sicilia in Via Santa Margherita 12, the major work of the architect Carlo Polli, who did not get to see its completino in 1951, this building is a balanced composition of different…

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Edison 1 Asti Architetti

Edison 1

EDISON 1 Set in a strategic position in the heart of the old town, the building, with its peculiar trapezoidal courtyard shape, delineates the block. Regrettably, during the course of its history, but perhaps already from the beginning, the organicity of…

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Cusani 5 Asti Architetti

Cusani 5

CUSANI 5 An elegant neoclassical façade, an internal columned courtyard imposing decorated staircases and an ancient garden with century-old trees. It is Palazzo Cagnola, a work dating back to 1824, designed by the famous architect Pietro Pestagalli. A jewel of…

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Torino Palla Lupetta Asti Architetti

Torino Palla Lupetta

Torino Palla Lupetta To create a symbolic building in order to redevelop an “urban void” in the heart of the Milan Old Town. A decisive and contemporary sign that would reassemble the existing fabric and interact with the strongly characterized and…

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Petrarca 20 Asti Architetti

Petrarca 20

Petrarca 20 Built by engineer Antonio Bellani in 1898, and meant for residential and industrial use, the remarkable building stands out  as a qualifying element within the highly historicized urban block where it is located. the new owner commissioned Asti…

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Del Bollo 6 Asti Architetti

Del Bollo 6

Del Bollo 6 An important global redevelopment and extraordinary maintenance of the building including the recovery of the attics. An intervention of renovation of the entire eighteenth-century system of façades and internal courtyards, of the common areas, as well as the…

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