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Melzi d’Eril 34

MelzI d’Eril 34 In the Parco Sempione area, Asti Architetti has just completed an innovative office complex. This project has renovated the existing building, by modifying its height, to design an office building consisting of seven above-ground floors with an…

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Lunini 11 Asti Architetti

Luini 11

LUINI 11 The general redevelopment of the building on the corner of Via Luini and Via Vigna (with the recovery of an additional floor) was based on a harmonious insertion of the architecture within the context through the re design of…

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Cordusio 1 Asti Architetti

Cordusio 1

CORDUSIO 1 The intervention consisted in the conservative and historical restoration of the pink stone external façades of the old Palazzo delle Poste and, on the other hand, in a general modernization of spaces and internal connections in line with…

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Durini 16-18 Asti Architetti

Durini 16-18

DURINI 16-17 It is mainly intended for executive use and consists of three main structures which enclose a courtyard with a dome at the centre. On one hand the design choice aimed to restore homogeneity to the complex by means…

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Corio 2 Asti Architetti

Corio 2

CORIO 2 After demolishing the pre-existing buildings, two distinct residential units were built from scratch, separated by a common central space. As seen from the street, an evident contemporary insertion stands out in the existing façade. The façade layout is…

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Edison 1 Asti Architetti

Edison 1

EDISON 1 Set in a strategic position in the heart of the old town, the building, with its peculiar trapezoidal courtyard shape, delineates the block. Regrettably, during the course of its history, but perhaps already from the beginning, the organicity of…

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Del Bollo 6 Asti Architetti

Del Bollo 6

Del Bollo 6 An important global redevelopment and extraordinary maintenance of the building including the recovery of the attics. An intervention of renovation of the entire eighteenth-century system of façades and internal courtyards, of the common areas, as well as the…

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Foro Buonaparte 16 Asti Architetti

Foro Buonaparte 16

FORO BUONAPARTE 16 The building of Foro Bonaparte 16,  is an imposing palace in Milanese rococo style dating back to 1884. It features nine floors above ground plus basement, a former important site of citybank now obsolete and energyconsuming, that…

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Matteotti 12 Asti Architetti

Matteotti 12

MATTEOTTI 12 A building designed by Gio Ponti on the corner of Corso Matteotti and Via San Pietro all’Orto  had to be completely redeveloped. The shaft and the ground junction preserve the original features of Ponti, although revisited in some…

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Manzoni 38 Asti Architetti

Manzoni 38

Manzoni 38 A full redevelopment of a prestigious early twentieth century building in the historic block between the Manzoni and Borgospesso streets. Rigorous conservative refreshing for the external façades, more extensive inside, on common and private fronts and areas, with…

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