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Del Bollo 6 Asti Architetti

Del Bollo 6

Del Bollo 6 An important global redevelopment and extraordinary maintenance of the building including the recovery of the attics. An intervention of renovation of the entire eighteenth-century system of façades and internal courtyards, of the common areas, as well as the…

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Matteotti 12 Asti Architetti

Matteotti 12

MATTEOTTI 12 A building designed by Gio Ponti on the corner of Corso Matteotti and Via San Pietro all’Orto  had to be completely redeveloped. The shaft and the ground junction preserve the original features of Ponti, although revisited in some…

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Maria Teresa 11 - Santo'Orsola 8 Asti Architetti

Maria Teresa 11 – Sant’Orsola 8

MARIA TERESA 11 – SANT’ORSOLA 8 The project redesigns as residential and office destination the entire block between Via Morigi, Via Maria Teresa and Via Sant’Orsola, occupied by an architecture of little value dating back to the Sixties. Paolo Asti…

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