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Piazza Velasca

Piazza Velasca A new identity for Piazza Velasca, the subject of a renovation project by ASTI ARCHITETTI, developed by HINES: it will become a new pedestrian-friendly zone, a green area suitable for the city and its citizens. The historic Torre…

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Milano Verticale-Una Asti Architetti

Milano Verticale | Una

Milano Verticale | Una The existing building at 6, Via De Cristoforis – consisting of two units and arranged in an “L” shape – has been converted into a contemporary hotel with high performance standards. The project – characterized by…

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Pola 4 Asti Architetti

Pola 4

Pola 4 This redevelopment and enhancement action for a residential property in Milan at 4, Via Pola, in the Isola district, which is currently undergoing renovation, has re-designed the entire six-storey building for residential use: five floors are aligned above…

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Monte Grappa 20 Asti Architetti

Monte Grappa 20

Monte Grappa 20 A general redevelopment of a residential building through the re design of the external and internal fronts. The architectural aspect is characterized by the addition of new balconies meant to serve the apartments which have been redesigned and…

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Borgonuovo 26 Asti Architetti

Borgonuovo 26

Borgonuovo 26 A revalorisation with a partial change of use destination from tertiary to residential (and a related economic increase during the marketing phase) of the entire building and an image refreshing of its classy fronts, which have been cleaned and…

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Sandro Sandri 1 Asti Architetti

Sandro Sandri 1

Sandro Sandri 1 A global redevelopment of the entire valuable historic building transformed from tertiary to residential use. While preserving the architectural aspect of the building, the common areas and the floor layouts were remodelled to create units for residential and executive…

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Del Bollo 6 Asti Architetti

Del Bollo 6

Del Bollo 6 An important global redevelopment and extraordinary maintenance of the building including the recovery of the attics. An intervention of renovation of the entire eighteenth-century system of façades and internal courtyards, of the common areas, as well as the…

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Torino 44 Asti Architetti

Torino 44

Torino 44 Set in one of the most commercial streets of the center, the total redevelopment and extraordinary maintenance has affected the entire building with a respectful maquillage of the external fronts as well as the re design of all…

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Italia 13 Asti Architetti

Italia 13

Italia 13 A radical restyling of the interiors to improve the flexibility of the plan, in line with the current needs of usability and organization of the buildings for executive use, and give them a character of recognizability as already in…

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Bisceglie 78 Asti Architetti

Bisceglie 76

Bisceglie 76 A global redevelopment of the building from the point of view of Energy and architectural language with the transformation of a façade, now obsolete, through glass technology. To add more character and make the typical curtain wall of…

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