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Santa Margherita 12 Asti Architetti

Santa Margherita 12

Santa Margherita 12 Former headquarters of the Banco di Sicilia in Via Santa Margherita 12, the major work of the architect Carlo Polli, who did not get to see its completino in 1951, this building is a balanced composition of different…

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Corio 2 Asti Architetti

Corio 2

CORIO 2 After demolishing the pre-existing buildings, two distinct residential units were built from scratch, separated by a common central space. As seen from the street, an evident contemporary insertion stands out in the existing façade. The façade layout is…

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Boezio 20 Asti Architetti

Boezio 20

SEVERINO BOEZIO 20 A new residential complex built on the site of the abandoned Ata Hotel in Viale Severino Boezio, in front of the new urban center City Life and a step away from the historic “Portello”: a total of…

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Monte Grappa 20 Asti Architetti

Monte Grappa 20

Monte Grappa 20 A general redevelopment of a residential building through the re design of the external and internal fronts. The architectural aspect is characterized by the addition of new balconies meant to serve the apartments which have been redesigned and…

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Edison 1 Asti Architetti

Edison 1

EDISON 1 Set in a strategic position in the heart of the old town, the building, with its peculiar trapezoidal courtyard shape, delineates the block. Regrettably, during the course of its history, but perhaps already from the beginning, the organicity of…

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Borgonuovo 26 Asti Architetti

Borgonuovo 26

Borgonuovo 26 A revalorisation with a partial change of use destination from tertiary to residential (and a related economic increase during the marketing phase) of the entire building and an image refreshing of its classy fronts, which have been cleaned and…

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