Since 2005 the Asti Architetti studio’s mission has been only one: to give new life to the Milan buildings. The 64 projects that follow were carried out over a period of just 15 years and fit into the dense fabric of the historic centre, by contributing to increase the widespread architectural quality. Grafts, transformations, renovations or demolitions which, by improving the visual and planivolumetric impact of the buildings concerned, in addition to their performance and energy capacity, increase their real estate value. 

For Asti Architetti the design philosophy, common to all their projects in Milan, aims to renew historical buildings and regenerate the urban fabric in a balanced way but without camouflage, without sacrificing “doing architecture”. After all, dealing with the built environment requires a profound dialectical comparison.

The challenge is to “act into and onto the existing building” with a contemporary and clearly recognizable language, consistent with the memory of the place. It is a re-functionalisation of architecture according to the real estate current needs to give the building a new appeal on the market. The intervention is global: from the redesign of the façades to the redefinition of the has committed himself to leave an important andinterior spaces with appropriate divisions of the apartments and an optimized surface area. It continues through the design of the common parts with quality details and the inclusion of greenery where possible, as well as the enhancement of the ground floor to host public and private activities in direct contact with the city. All projects aim at fitting and transforming extremely stratified pieces of historical fabric of the centre of Milan in a respectful way.