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Melzi d’Eril 34

MELZI d’ERIL 34 Asti Architetti designs a futuristic “campus” workspace in the Parco Sempione area to merge past and future in the name of “milanesità” (the Milanese style). In the Parco Sempione area, Asti Architetti has just completed an innovative…

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Moscova 33 Asti Architetti

Moscova 33

MOSCOVA 33 Asti Architetti redevelops a significant “piece” of the city of Milan with a project that defines a large part of the block, steeped in history, set between via Moscova and via Solferino Work is nearing completion on the…

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Milano Verticale - Una esperienze 4S

Vertical Milan | UNA 4*S Experiences

Vertical Milan | UNA 4*S Experiences Asti Architetti has converted the existing building at 6 Via De Cristoforis – consisting of two units and arranged in an ‘L’ shape – into a contemporary, high-performance hotel that is scheduled to open…

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Liberty Tower Milano Asti Architetti

Liberty Tower

LIBERTY TOWER Asti Architetti and Hines Italy breathe new life into the iconic TorreTirrena, designed by the Soncini brothers in Piazza Liberty in 1950s Milan. Paolo Asti’s “gentle” restyling of the historic Torre Tirrena, now called Liberty Tower, was completed…

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